Death to Sharshan

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The Story so far... what we know, what we might know, what doesn't fit

How does Sarshan make all these alliances? and How the heck did he meet the Githyanki?

But the Githyanki said about being commanded (my word) by his higherups to do stuff with Sarshan so Sarshan met the higherups… but that’s the Astral Sea…

Wasn’t Zitherun an outcast?

and Sarshan if I remember correctly is Shadarkai… which is the Shadow realm
Shadow realm and the Astral Sea do NOT meet up “physically”

Creatures linked to Sarshan:
Dragonborn (largely Black Arrow mercs)
Githyanki (General Zitherun)
Demons inhibiting priests and guard
Guy who killed Halyn (owner of Stauros shrine)

Activites linked to Sarshan:
weapons smuggling… (foiled)
Overlook overtaking… (foiled)

what was with the lizards in that lake?
me: weird Dwarf side adventure in the wastes…
Man, I need to take better notes
Ray: lizards: asked to investigate gathering of lizard folk….found orcs there too
me: taking over clerics
Durkik tortured…
Ray: ahh…..and don’t forget Jaryn….the paladin up north who lost his party and went bad
me: ad replaced by Doppleganger?
Ray: yeah
me: Yeah… I forget what happened at that temple
attacked by statues… then the portal rooms
Ray: oh…the githzerai place
me: Shadarkai training…
Ray: that was taken over by gnolls
me: what the heck was he training..
GNOLLS… right!
and the constant orc onslaught at the beginning
It’s so frustrating… all the side adventures that I think don’t have anything to do with Sarshan but might

witch by lizard folk… who worshipped… ???

I guess the orc could be pointed at ANY settlement in exchange for the weapons they were provided… if you play to their natural tendencies


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